Industry: Healthcare

Founded: 2015

Generic Diamond is the world’s leading generic and branded diamond therapies company.

We are dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of Generic and branded diamond therapies to improve the quality of people life.

By our commitment to bring the best products to the consumers at low price, our company is today the leading distributor of Generic Diamond therapies with Love Painkiller™, Love Emergency, Love Vitamin D™ Love Detox™, and owns 8 leading brands: Biocarat™, Diamonine™, Ibufacets™, Brilliantium™, Carbonille™, Fertigems™, SparkleXin™ and Cristalicine™.

To support this international success, the company is today one of the largest diamond therapies research and development center in the industry, establiching strategic alliance with diamond manufacturer companies and collaborating with jewellery industry sectors.

The headquarter is located in Singapore, one of the main center for the production of lab-grown diamond in the world.